Swords & Arrows


What it is

Swords & Arrows is a turn-based strategy game for iPhone and iPad. The game was developed on and off for a few months before being released, and I worked on the game together with two 2D artists  and a programmer. The game is presented from a top-down view in 2D, and the game has a medieval setting in which you build and move units to defeat enemies in a turn-based fashion. The game is built around multiplayer (local and asynchronous), but will include a single-player portion at a later date.

What I did

As Lead Sound Designer I created all the sounds for this game, including the music.

Samples of my work

Here is a gameplay example from Swords & Arrows with sound effects and background music:

My goal was to create distinct and somewhat realistic sounds coupled with music that has a medieval style without moving too far into orchestrated movie score territory.

How I did it

I quickly became responsible for everything and anything related to sound and had fairly free hands on this project. But since the engine was pretty early in development, I had no way of implementing the sounds on my own, so trying to listen to anything in the game always included an extra step. Also, I had no way of adjusting volumes in the game engine, so any change in volume meant I had to export a new file and upload it. Adding to that, I had no iOS device to actually try the game on, which resulted in me having to borrow an iPhone everytime I needed to listen to anything in a real gameplay enviroment. And of course, since the game had to stay below a certain file size I had to do a lot of compression experimentation, especially for the music. And finally, having to balance every sound to make it sound good on several different iOS device speakers (and headphones).

The project is still going (with upcoming expansions), but looking back there were a lot of hurdles for me in Swords & Arrows. The previous paragraph may sound like I’m complaining, and even though some things could be frustrating at times, I know the biggest hurdles can help me improve as a sound designer the most. And part of what kept me going was the very positive attitude from the rest of the team and the exciting prospect of creating our own game, the way we want it.

Download the game

Swords & Arrows can be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad:

Swords & Arrows on the iTunes App Store