Stick it to the Man


What it is

Stick it to the Man is a platform adventure currently released for Playstation 3, Playstation Vita och PC, made in Unity. The game is presented a 2D sidescrolling platformer, but the game is focused around solving puzzles in a cartoony, humourous setting. Puzzle-solving is usually done by talking to people, reading their minds and helping them with their troubles.

The game was developed by Zoink! and published by Ripstone.

What I did

I worked as a Lead Sound Designer and voice editor on Stick it to the Man.

Samples of my work

Here is a video clip with gameplay and cutscenes from Stick it to the Man:

How I did it

I got involved in this project a few months after it had started. Initially I was hired only as a voice editor, since the game contained a lot of voice acting. A couple of months later they started looking for a sound designer and I volunteered. Little did I know just how much work this would turn out to be, with a lot of crunch at the end.

First of all, the game had a lot of cutscenes, and my focus was mainly on creating all the sounds for them. But since the cutscenes were supposed to be implemented as single wave files synced perfectly to the events in the cutscenes, it resulted in a process where I had to capture video from the game, import the video to editing software, add the sounds at the right spots, export the whole thing and finally upload it into the game. Adding to that, the cutscenes were constantly updated, sometimes with major changes. It was rather time-consuming, but turned out pretty well.

I also struggled because I am stubborn. I decided to only use sounds I’ve recorded myself. This probably made the sound design process more drawn out than it had to be at times, but I really wanted to challenge myself on this, force myself to be more creative as a Sound designer. Among other things, I learned how to create gun sounds from brown noise, and recorded interesting sounds I had never really considered before. I think this also contributed to the game having more unique sounds, instead of falling back on sound banks used by everyone else.

Another big challenge was trying to mix and balance all the voices in the game. Stick it to the Man had 14 voice actors, all doing their recordings at their own places, with their own microphones and recording situations. This resulted in all kinds of differences between voice actors in sound characteristics, recording volume, room reverbs and so on. Some dialogues took a lot of work to get right, and I spent countless hours balancing every single line in the game against music and sound effects.

Thankfully the voice actors were professional and usually delivered great recordings, and I also had a lot of help by, among others, Hugo Bille at Zoink!, who made implementing sounds and structuring all the dialogue editing much easier.

All in all, I was very proud of being a part of Stick it to the Man. And since it was released on Playstation 3 and Vita, Stick it to the Man became the first big console game I’ve ever worked on, which felt like a big deal for me personally (since I grew up playing console games).

Play the game

Stick it to the Man can be purchased on the Playstation Store in Europe and the US. Since it’s cross-buy, you got both the PS3 and Vita version when buying either of them. The game is also available on Steam.

To purchase Stick it to the Man for PS3 and Vita, follow this link and search the store for ‘Stick it to the man’.

Or buy Stick it to the Man on Steam by following this link