What it is

Residue was a game I developed with some friends in 2010 for PC. The game is a 2d-sidescroller that takes place around the remains of the Aral Sea. It’s an adventure with no enemies or weapons where the player controls different characters, exploring deserted environments as a rich story unfolds.

What I did

I was responsible for all the sound effects and ambient sounds.

Samples of my work

I made several ambient sounds for this game, here’s an example:

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It’s high up, and windy. The creaking sounds are old, rusty boats abandoned in the desert wasteland of the Aral Sea. In the far distance a gull can be heard. The wind is created by several layers of filtered, pink noise combined with my own recordings of blowing into the microphone with some reverb added.

How I did it

Residue was my first real effort into getting foley right. I spent a lot of time recording footsteps, water splashes, matching movement sounds to characters animations and so on.

Another important part was ambient sound. The game takes place in a desert, more or less. Coming up with suitable sounds and keeping it interesting proved a bit of a challenge. I also had to use quite the imagination when creating the sounds to work around the fact that objects in the game weren’t anywhere to be found in my vicinity. One example was the (Aral) sea gull use in some of the ambient sounds. Since I couldn’t even find a regular sea gull to record, I ended up using my own voice. It ended up sounding almost like a sea gull, but with some noticable differences. Which was exactly what I wanted.

Download the demo

The demo for Residue will be available soon.