PlayStation All-Stars Island


What it is

Playstation All-Stars Island an iOS and Android game.  The game is a take on the endless runner genre and works as a spinoff of sorts from the fighting game Playstation All-Stars for Playstation 3 and Vita. Playstation All-Stars Island was developed by Zoink! and part of a big ad campaign launched by Coca Cola for Coke Zero.

What I did

As the game was missing a fair number of sound effects, I was tasked to create them. I became Lead sound designer for the project, handling things like mastering. I also did the sound design for the official Coke Zero TV commercial for the game, aired all over Europe.

Samples of my work

Here is a video clip with gameplay from Playstation All-Stars Island, with a number of sounds created by me (everything except the foley for the main character):

How I did it

When I jumped into the project it was already over halfway done, so it was basically a case of checking off a list with sounds needed to finish the project. As the game was developed for iOS/Android only, the amount of space available for the game was quite small, so I had plenty of time  to get familiar with the compression settings in Unity.
It was also my first time working with a really big company on a game (or two, actually: Sony and Coca Cola). This resulted in a situation where I always had to adjust the game according to their feedback. There could be days without feedback, but once it came things had to be taken care of immediately. It took a while getting used to, but I saw it as good practice to perform under very tight deadlines and always be prepared to change things up.

Download the game

Playstation All-Stars Island is free for download on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad and the Google Play App Store for Android:

Playstation All-Stars Island on iTunes app store

Playstation All-Stars Island on Google Play App Store