What it is

Dream is a short, interactive experience developed as part of a course in school. The game is simply about trying to convey the feeling of dreaming and waking up.

What I did

I created everything but the graphics for this game. The game was developed using Game Maker.

Samples of my work

With the theme being something as surrealistic as a dream, the sound design became very abstract and out there.

Here’s a video showing some parts of the game:

How I did it

This game was a way to challenge myself to create something not bound by logic or reality. It may seem random and make no sense at first, but there’s actually a thin thread to follow. Everything is connected by sound. There’s a story, or rather different states, being loosely outlined with the sound, but I leave it up to the player to interpret and fill in the blanks.

Download the game

Kristian Johansson-dream (The game is played using the arrow and enter keys)